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Barbara Toole, B.A., M.S. in Ed., CSNU, is a gifted Evidential Medium, a Clairvoyant, an ordained Interfaith Minister with a deeply rooted belief in the Seven Principles of Spiritualism, and an experienced Teacher.  She is currently located in the Ocean-Monmouth County area of New Jersey.

For more than fifteen years, Barbara has dedicated herself to serving the Spirit World. 

Through the gift of her Mediumship, Barbara has been able to offer both healing and hope to many people as she has reunited them with their loved ones who have passed from this earth, thereby bringing to those people the certainty that their loved ones are still alive and well, living in the wonderful place we call the Spirit World.


Through her natural ability as a Teacher and her experience as a Medium, Barbara is able to offer well-designed Mediumship and Psychic Awareness Developmental Classes, ongoing Mediumship Practice Circles, and a variety of workshops - all of which have helped many people unfold their own Mediumistic Gifts.


As an Ordained Interfaith Minister with a deeply rooted belief in Spiritualism, Barbara founded and maintains Spiritual Life Fellowship, a Spiritualist Church in the Interfaith Tradition.  As Pastor of Spiritual Life Fellowship, Barbara believes that to work for Spirit - to be able to unite the two worlds and to bring Spirit's love and peace to this earth - is the greatest calling she could possibly have.  Barbara feels blessed that, by doing so over the years, she has been able to help many people along their own Spiritual Paths.


To learn more about Barbara, her work as an Evidential Mediumship, Spiritualism, and Spiritual Life Fellowship, please continue to explore this website.

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