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Barbara believes that a Medium works by being “in rapport” with the spirit world.  


In this physical world, we use our five physical senses, i.e., seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling, to gather information about the world in which we live.  When communicating with spirit, a Medium uses the same five senses to gather information about life in the spirit world.  


However, what is distinct about the mediumistic senses is that they are not physical senses. They constitute a second set of senses which we all possess:  the psychic, or spiritual, senses.  These psychic senses include the same five senses as the physical, but they are perceived through the psychic channels of the spiritual body rather than through the nervous system of the physical body.  These psychic senses include the senses of Clairvoyance (or “clear seeing”), Clairaudience (or “clear hearing”), Clairsentience (or “clear sensing”), Clairgustience (or “clear tasting”), and Clairolfactrience (or “clear smelling”).  When communicating with spirit, Barbara draws on all five of these psychic senses, plus a sense of Claircognisance (or “clear knowing”) to “talk” with a spirit person. 


Barbara believes that those who have gone to the spirit world are the same people that they were before they made the transition to spirit.  They are the same people, with the same traits, the same likes and the same dislikes, only now they are clothed in a spiritual body instead of a physical body.  They are alive and well, on the other side of the spiritual veil – possibly more alive than they were when they were here on earth.  They are still learning, still growing and still moving forward with their lives on their own individual paths of eternal progression.


It is Barbara’s experience that often the spirit people are just as eager to “talk” with us, whom they have left behind, as we are to “talk” with them.  They want to tell us that they are still alive and well, and that they still love us.  Frequently their messages contain words of encouragement, support and continuing knowledge of what is transpiring in our daily lives on earth. Often they ask forgiveness for the times when they may have caused us pain.  Many times, they seek to right their earthly wrongs.  Always, they come through with increased awareness, compassion and love.


Barbara believes that our loved ones in spirit are but a thought away.  She believes that if we send out a thought to a loved one in the spirit world, most times that loved one is able to be with us immediately.  Time and distance, as we understand them on earth, do not exist in the spirit world.  Therefore, spirit is able to answer our call as soon as our thoughts go out to them.  It is only the inadequacies of our own human perceptive abilities that keep us from recognizing the closeness of the spirit world and responding to it.


Yet, at times, we all do become aware of spirit close to us.  At times, each one of us has had the experience of sensing and knowing that a loved one in spirit was close to us, supporting us, loving us, helping us and guiding us. 


Barbara believes that everyone has the ability to be aware of spirit to one degree or another.  What makes a Medium different from everyone else is only the fact that a Medium has developed this natural ability to recognize and communicate with spirit to a greater degree than most other people have done.


To Barbara, having developed her Mediumistic Ability to the point that she can serve the spirit world and, at the same time, help her fellow human beings by reuniting them with their loved ones in spirit, is a source of great happiness.  Barbara’s whole life has been one of service.  Yet, she considers being able to use her Gift of Mediumship to serve both the spirit world and the physical world in this way to be her greatest joy.

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