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The purpose of having a Mediumistic Reading (which is sometimes called a “Mediumistic Sitting”) is to be in communication with friends, family members, loved ones, and others who have made the transition from the physical life to the spirit world. 


Usually, those in the spirit world are eager to prove that they have come through the change we call “death” and that they are still alive and well.  Their first order of business is usually to tell those whom they have left behind on earth that they are fine, that they still love them, and that they are still close to them.


Often the spirit people come to share, not only their love, but also their support and their guidance with those whom they have left behind.  Many times, they will also offer their help and their advice. 


But, there are certain limitations as to what a person in the spirit world can say and do.  As a sitter, you must realize that a spirit person can give you suggestions and opinions about the course of your life, but that he/she will never tell you what to do with your life or what your future holds.  It is not permitted by Natural Law for anyone in the spirit world to ever tell you what to do or what the course of your future life may appear to be.  Natural Law states that each person, both here on earth, and in the spirit world, is responsible for his/her own life:  for making his/her own decisions and for assuming the consequences of those decisions, regardless of whether the results may be good or bad.  


In addition, as a person seeking to communicate with spirit, it is important for you to remember that once a person passes to the spirit world, he/she does not automatically become all-knowing and all-wise.  The person who is now in the spirit world is still the same person that he/she was while on earth – just possibly with a slightly different perspective on life! 


As a result, you should always be grateful for spirit’s advice and help.  But, at the same time, you must always judge for yourself whether to accept the advice of the spirit person and whether to act on it, or not.  You must remember the source from which the advice comes!  Someone who was a “scatterbrain” while in the body may still be a “scatterbrain” in the spirit world! 


YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN CHOICES AND DECISIONS!  A medium may be able to bring you the love, the support, the advice and the guidance from a loved one in spirit.  But, YOU are the one responsible for whether you choose to act on this advice or not.  ALWAYS TEST THE SPIRITS AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF!


Also, as a sitter, it is important for you to be aware of another fact:  people in the spirit world lead busy lives, just as we do here on earth.  Although, most times, the person you would like to hear from is available and is able to come speak with you, there is no guarantee that, at any given moment, such is the case.  Just as, on earth, there may be many reasons that a person might not be available to talk to you if you unexpectedly phone or drop by for a chat.  Just so, the same holds true in the spirit world. 


Barbara makes the promise to each sitter that she will always do her best to work with both the sitter and the spirit people to unite loved ones, but there are no guarantees.  No one can ever tell, for sure, who in the spirit world will be available at any given moment in time and what they will have to say.


Therefore, Barbara strongly suggests that, before coming to your sitting or attending a public gallery demonstration, you send out a mental thought to the spirit world, inviting those whom you would like to speak with to join you at the sitting or demonstration, telling them the date and time of your scheduled appointment.  In that way, you can let your loved ones know your intention, so that they, too, can plan in advance and anticipate a joyful reunion.  Even doing this does not guarantee specific results, but it often can make the difference between a successful sitting and a mediocre one.  Invite your loved ones to the party, just as you would do here on earth!  They will respond if they possibly can!

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