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Although Barbara continues to evolve and unfold her mediumship, she has already achieved a high standard in her work. As a result of the dedicated effort Barbara has put into developing her mediumship and of the high standard she has attained, Barbara was awarded the Certificate of Recognition for Demonstrating Mediumship (CSNU) by the Spiritualists' National Union in 2008.  This is a well sought after and prestigious mediumistic award in Great Britain, and Barbara us proud to be one of the few mediums in the United States to hold this award. 


Over the course of time, as Barbara’s awareness of spirit has grown, so has her dedication to doing spirit’s work here on earth by spreading their message that life goes on after the change that we call “death” and by bringing forth their philosophy of light and love.  One way in which Barbara is able to do spirit’s work is by using her Mediumistic Gift to reunite those in the spirit world with their loved ones whom they have left behind on earth.  Barbara is able to offer this through private readings, small group gatherings and public gallery demonstrations of mediumship.


Barbara also shares her gifts of mediumship and psychic awareness through combining her spiritual gifts with her natural abilities as a teacher.  She is a trained school teacher, holding a M.S. in Education.  As such, she has more than 30 years teaching experience in elementary grades of the public school system.  She retired from teaching children in 2007 and now teaches adults, helping them to understand and unfold their own very unique spiritual gifts.

Barbara is a gifted Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant who finds great joy and fulfillment in serving the spirit world.  Spiritually sensitive from an early age, Barbara has spent most of her adult life seeking to increase her spiritual knowledge and enhance her awareness of spirit.  

Barbara has spent more than twenty years training as a medium.  Although she believes that mediumship is a natural and an inherited trait, the development and unfoldment of her gift was awakened and has been enhanced by studying with many of the finest mediums in the world today.  As a long-time student of mediumship, the list of world-renowned tutors with whom Barbara has studied is extensive, with most of her training having been undertaken at the famous Arthur Findlay College for Psychic Studies in Stansted, England.  Barbara firmly believes that the development of mediumship is never "complete."  It is always - and always will be - an ongoing process.  Therefore, Barbara continues to study to this very day.  She is currently privileged to be a mentorship student under the tutelage of Mavis Pittilla, who is a legend in her own time.

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